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We Are Your Favorite Store.

The Cabo San Lucas Organic Farmer’s Market has an amazing variety of fresh produce, seafood, organic chicken, eggs, cheeses, herbs and fruits, along with a selection of prepared foods. It’s a happening place on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday mornings from 8 a.m. to noon where you can meet up with friends, shop for the best organic foods, and make your appointments for the coming week for the various services.

What you eat can affect how your body functions. To maintain optimal nutrition, a variety of healthy food from all food groups and healthy eating habits can keep you on the road to better health. Ask about our Gluten Free baked goods. Food, one of life’s great pleasures, is the foundation to a healthy lifestyle.

Great store and great, friendly well educated staff. Renee and staff understand supplements and can provide you so much wisdom. Your health is your real wealth, so when needing info on caring for yourself, your kids, your parents and friends I do recommend them for groceries and supplements.

Mila Kunit